No one is born successful but everyone has a potential to become the one.

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Don't bet on luck, bet only on hustle!

In the spring of 2004 during my day job as a Marketing Manager I decided to build my first online project.

This project was a start of my career in online marketing and affected all my life as an online entrepreneur. In 2008 I moved to Australia and been a part of many interesting projects testing different methods and models.

Since then I hustle my butt off to find only profitable business models and valuable tips holding nothing back and sharing everything I know through blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to earn commission by promoting Amazon products and build a profitable online business.

Content Marketing

Learn how to create and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract audience and traffic.


Learn how to optimise web pages to drive qualified traffic and gain powerful relevant backlinks.

G'Day, I'm Roman, online marketer based in Australia

2017-2018 // Amaiz

Business Development Officer

2015-2017 // Westpac

Digital Producer

2015-2015 // HCF Australia

Online Marketing Manager

2012-2015 // NAB

Online Content Manager

2011-2012 // Rocket Internet

E-commerce Manager

2010-2011 // Brother

Online Marketing Manager

2008-2010 // ThinqNet

Online Content Coordinator

2004-2008 // Kiilto Oy

Marketing Manager

I share the field-tested content with actionable tips

Being an active practitioner myself I always share extremely detailed and helpful content, as well as a ton of help and services for people who want training.

I follow marketers with un-ignorable marketing knowledge: Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Darren Rowse, Noah Kogan, Spencer Haws and young lads like Glen Alsopp, Nathan Gotch, Chris Lee, Charles Floate and Servando Silva. Together they are the infinite supply of experience and wisdom.

And of cause no one can beat Robert Kiyosaki in business and investment advice.
Like you I don’t like to read blogs just about theory that’s why my posts always contain insightful information about my own experiences and results. Here you feel the one of 100% target audience, since everything I share is helpful and related to what you want to know.


What do you need to know to become the next Shopify millionaire
What do you need to know to become the next Shopify millionaire
The idea to write this post came to my mind when I spent 6 months of studying Shopify and Facebook Ads. I was going to earn the same amount of money like other guys bragging on Facebook. During this period of time I found every Shopify expert, eCom course and…
How I joined MOBE and 21 Step Program
How I joined MOBE and 21 Step Program
I follow a lot of successful marketers and Shaqir Hussyin is one of them, actually I stumbled upon him accidentally on Twitter. In one of his email, he asked: "Do You Want To Make An Extra $10k, $50k Or Even $100,000+ Per Month From Home?". Of cause I want and…

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