What do you need to know to become the next Shopify millionaire

What do you need to know to become the next Shopify millionaire

The idea to write this post came to my mind when I spent 6 months of studying Shopify and Facebook Ads. I was going to earn the same amount of money like other guys bragging on Facebook.

During this period of time I found every Shopify expert, eCom course and watched over 200 hours of Youtube video, so I can say "I know them all", but it is still not enough...

You can ask me "Have you been sleeping during four months?", and I will answer "Yes, I am, but it cost me". Below I will cover every piece of Shopify platform and share for FREE every trick I learned on the way to becoming the next Shopify millionaire.


Let's start!

What is Shopify?

Shopify as we know it today was founded in Ottawa by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake in 2006. They launched the cart system in 2007. In 2010 company raised a Series A round of financing worth $7 million, and in 2011 - $15 million.

In 2012, Shopify was a finalist for Startup of the Year in the Canadian Startup Awards. And in December of 2013, Shopify raised a massive $100 million Series C round. This is where the massive grow started and everyone started launching their stores. By the way, company already had 80,000 customers who combined more than $1.6 billion in sales.

In 2015 it had 140,000 Shopify stores and $3.7 billion in sales. In 2016 number of stores raised to 275,000.

There are three models mostly used to make money on Shopify:

  • Dropshipping
  • Print-on-demand
  • Own Brand

Dropshipping is the easiest way as you use suppliers products and just need to advertise them to the right audience. When you got a sale supplier just send the item to your client and you just need to take care about communication. Of cause, there is much more but in short words this is it.

This is where the most rookies start and invest money in the beginning. On my opinion, this is not the best way to go.

The most popular suppliers are:


This is a simple printing of your designs on clothing, especially t-shirts and hoodies. This is a very good model as you are selling exclusive products, but you need to invest in design research and development.

The advantage of this model that you just upload your designs to the fulfillment website and they print and send orders for you (some partners send even with your company label on a package).

Disadvantages are that you have to hire a designer, test a lot of niches and invest at least $15 for one design.

The most popular fulfillment Shopify partners:

Own Brand

This is the best what you can do on Shopify. When you have stable sales and loyal customers it's a good time to start your own brand. This step requires a lot of investments but in this model the only sky is the limit.

Examples of the best Shopify sites:

Before you start

Before you jump on this plane and start following the latest online marketing trend named Shopify you have to do the next:

  • Don't register on Shopify yet
  • Don't open a Business Account on Facebook yet
  • Don't register a domain name yet
  • Don't buy a Shopify course (NEVER!)

Instead follow the next steps:

  • Go to Youtube and watch Shopify videos
  • Join Facebook groups and read posts and comments
  • Ask every stupid question you have on this Facebook groups
  • Open a Notepad and write every tip which you think will be useful
  • Think about a niche you want to build your store around

The reasonable question is "How can I find useful videos and right Facebook groups, there are so many out there?". Don't worry I have been at your place and made a lot of research, watched every possible video and joined every possible group.

Below I will tell you Youtube channels you should subscribe to, video links to watch, Facebook groups to join and Shopify experts you should follow. After that, you just need to open your mind and start to sponge up the information.

facebook groups

Facebook groups you should join

Ecom Think Tank

This group runs by William Stark, a bearded guy who likes to tell his bedtime stories. I like William as he shares a lot of tips for free and you can ask him any question. The community is very responsive and doesn't share crap. This is the group for more advanced people but you will learn a lot.

Cener Shopify Mastermind

Closed group runs by Justin Cener, a serial entrepreneur from Los Angeles, who mostly focus on print-on-demand products and offers his own courses.


Closed group runs by the most famous Shopify guru Travis Petelle.

eCom Dudes Academy

Public group runs by Dan Da Silva, a 21-year old guy who made over $1,000,000 on Shopify and now promoting his Academy. This group has a very strong community as Dan is one of the most famous Shopify coaches but about that a little bit later.

Shopify Mastery - 6 Figure Shopify Group

The most popular group with almost 20,000 members. You can ask any question and members will help you.

Shopify 7 Figure Group

The closed group runs by Murray Edwards, a guy from Australia. I haven't seen him active on Facebook but recommend to join his group.

Shopify Store Pros

Public group for everyone but there is not so much value. Anyway you have to join as from time to time there is something interesting to read.

Online Samurais

Closed group runs by Frank Hatchett from New Zealand. He is mostly active on YouTube and sharing very interesting tips not only on Shopify.

The Facebook Ads Group

Closed group runs by Ben Malol and focused on Facebook ads. Lately it is mostly used for Ben to promote his courses.

eComConvert Shopify Mastermind

Closed group of Thomas Bartke and John Hutchison, other Shopify gurus out there.

travis petelle

Shopify experts you should follow on Facebook

Peter Chan Jr.

Also I recommend you to follow Peter Chan Jr., a student of Justin Cener, who made thousands on t-shirts. He is doing live videos from time to time answering the most interesting and helpful questions. He runs Tee Marketing Academy but I don't think it is active as he is a very busy with scaling his business.

Ezra Firestone

The guy behind SmartMarketer.com making millions of dollars every year on Shopify and helping business to scale.

Dan Dasilva

The most famous Shopify guy so far and a very active marketer driving BMW i8.

Travis Petelle

One of the most known Shopify gurus from Florida, made millions in farmers niche and runs his own blog.

Justin Cener

Entrepreneur and a coach running 7-figure Ecommerce Business and blog.

William Stark

A bearded guy from Florida liking to share his bedtime stories on Shopify and ecommerce.

Chris Record

The guy behind Tecademics sharing some tips from time to time, but be careful as he is pitching his courses all the way, but a little bit later about that.

Jon Mac

Marketer from Vancouver promoting his own JM courses but sharing nice tips from time to time.

Till Boadella

The guy running his own Youtube channel and answering questions in everyday Q&A series. You can ask questions and he will answer them in a practical, relatable and motivational format. He also promotes his own course with can be found here.

Davin Zander

A guy from Florida and a founder of Money Mindset - Internet Marketing Done Right teaching people how to make money online and keeping since 1991. I heard of him through Dan Dasilva. He started as Amazon affiliate but now focused on Shopify.

Ben Malol

The new young guy in Shopify industry trying to make himself a name as a coach. He is claiming that can teach you the EXACT steps he used to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 but I will tell you about that a little bit later (actually no one is claiming that except him).

Anthony Mastellone

The influence marketing coach, can be seen around Dan Dasilva. Not well known in Shopify world but I sure he has interesting tips to share.

Lawrence Aponte

The guy from Arizona who made a big bag of money on Shopify. He is a part of Tecademics now but not so active on Facebook. Actually, I'm not sure why other Shopify experts jumping around him as haven't seen him sharing anything valuable but still keep my eye on him.

youtube shopify

YouTube channels you should subscribe to

There are a lot of good videos on Shopify topic out there but much more bad channels which don't deserve your attention. I have seen most of them, so let me help you to save your time and point you to the right direction.

There is no particular order you should follow but you will get it yourself once you start watching all of them one by one. But let's start with channels you should subscribe to.

Underworld of Shopify Courses

Dark Post Engine

I started my deep research on Shopify in July 2016 with watching videos and trying tools such as Dark Post Engine from Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam from iPro Academy, the tool which allows you to spy on competitors Facebook Ads. It was a good idea but it is hardly worked as most of ecommerce stores use "dark posts" and don't appear in search results.

Dark Post Engine

I played with this tool for about a week, watched Jimmy's videos and decided to ask for my $47 as didn't find any value at this point.

dan dasilva

Dan Dasilva

Then I started digging deeper and the first Shopify person which pop up in my search results was Dan Dasilva, a young guy, very well-spoken and doing everything to make himself a name in the eCommerce world.

By now he already made more than $1,000,000 on eCommerce and drives BMW i8. He is very active and by the time when I found him he was a part of a group of people promoting different products. He introduced Devin Zander and Anthony Mastellone which I follow since then.

ecom dudes

eCom Dudes Academy

So what steps I made. I started watching his videos and decided to join his eCom Dudes Academy in September which cost $47 USD every month but you were able to cancel after 7 days if it's not for you. I joined but there wasn't so many videos, around 10 as I remember, but I didn't find it useful as I found all this information for free already, so I cancel my membership.

The funny part, somewhere in November 2016 Dan started actively promoting his Academy and raised the price to $247! Yes, $247! But now he dropped the price to $47 again.

ecom empire

Franklin Hatchett

Later I found Franklin Hatchett who was sharing nice tips on Shopify I contacted him asking about the eCom Empire course he was promoting in his emails and he told me if I know something about Shopify it doesn't worth it. So I didn't join.

ecom experts

eCom Experts Academy

Later I got a message from eCom Experts Academy promoting their course. This Academy founded by big guy like Devin Zander, Justin Taylor and Robert Nava. They wanted $1997 for this but it was too high.

Shopify Academy

Casual Ecommerce

In October I found Shopify experts from Casual Ecommerce which used to have a website but now redirecting everyone to their Youtube channel. I joined their course for $47 with a 10-day trial, watched their videos but again didn't find anything useful and cancel my membership.

Colton Randolph

Colton Randolph

Be aware! This guy is a scammer! Don't deal with him and don't buy his products!

Later I found Youtube channel of Colton Randolph, a very young lad. He discussed different tactics about Facebook Ads and I decided to try one in a golf niche and got my first sale after 3 hours but it was the last sale as nothing else worked. He is currently promoting his own app for Shopify.

Peter Chan Jr

Peter Chan Jr.

Peter Chan Jr. was always on my radar but as he is not so active and mostly focus on scaling his business I haven't heard a lot from him. But he published good tips from time to time, especially I liked his Christmas Q& A video where he said the most important thing about Facebook Ads which no one could explain in so simple way.

  • If engagement is good but NO CLICKS - product is BAD, change it.
  • If engagements is good, clicks are good but NO ATC - means the price is too high, drop the price.
  • If engagement is good, clicks are good, lot of ATC but NO SALES - shipping rate is too high or you try to upsell with wrong product.

He was giving one-on-one coaching but as far as I know stop doing that but you still can check out his Academy.

jeff mills

Jeff Mills

In November I found Jeff Mills who has a very good webinar replay on Shopify so I decided to contact him and got a call from his associate in Texas who tried to sell me about 10 lessons for $1000. But something told me it is not a good idea and I quit.

Jeff is currently selling his One on One Monthly Coaching Program for $1 for the first 30 days, then $597/mo during 6 months, so it comes to $3583! This is a way too much! As a mentor and coach, he charges $297 for 80 min personal 1 on 1 session.

ben malol

Ben Malol

$0 to $100,000 eCom Blueprint Bootcamp

This course runs by Ben Malol and I joined it on October 29, 2016. Below you can see the receipt so you can believe in what I will be saying below.

ben malol receipt

I found this course through Mike Dolev from eCom Momentum who recommended Ben during his very special workshop. I signed up to his webinar and there he got me. Ben promised the proven systemized program but forgot to mention that other things were completely out of control.

Actually, I was really excited when I joined, talked to one of his students but didn't find the additional information about Ben. But the biggest mistake I made is I didn't ask for a prove and screen shots of his profit.

You should always ask for a prove from you coaches because if they really successful they have nothing to hide. They don't have to tell their niches and store names but they can absolutely show you the money.

I have been studying Shopify tricks for a few months by this time and this course seemed to me a good idea. $997 is not a small cheque but Ben got me with his offers and promises about 8 Week Intensive eCom Blueprint Bootcamp. But how it happens in most of the cases he failed to deliver!

At first he pitched everyone with four things:

And here he failed twice, his XLS file with 300+ niches had repeated topics with some misspellings - the rookie mistake. The second fail - he shared the Optimo theme only in a week explaining that it wasn't ready. "Why you start the course if it's not ready?" But read on...

His first session failed as Ben didn't know how to use the technical part right. Later he changed the webinar platform but even there was something wrong. This is where I understood that something's wrong.

He promised to provide the access to the dashboard where you can re-watch webinars when you need and download files but even here it wasn't ready on time. People started asking in the Facebook Group when it will be available as not everyone could participate in the live webinar at 11:00 am Eastern Time.

Actually, the schedule was always the problem during the whole course as Ben wasn't able to notify everyone few days before and started re-scheduling blaming students asking him to change the time. Come on, Ben!

What is interesting, when I asked him to be more organized as we can't drop everything and just jump online when he can, he pretended that he doesn't understand what I'm talking about...

First two weeks he shared some interesting tips but then started losing his interest and once just disappeared for more than a week. People started asking when we will get back on track with webinars but Ben as always pretended he doesn't understand.

Seems like people lost their interest too and less and less appeared to listen to him live prefer to watch Replays.

After one month things absolutely derailed. Looked like he runs out of topics and had nothing to say. Eventually, he came up with a webinar promising a $50,000 Product Case Study but this was a total fail listening to him talking about something abstract using just a screen-shot.

Later he decided to talk about Google Analytics and Adwords what is absolute nonsense as Shopify based on Facebook Ads and Instagram Influencers but not Google. Google Adwords can be used by pros when they tried everything and just want to test new channels, for beginners this is absolutely unrelated.

Summing up, I can say this is the first time when I have seen so unprofessional course and a person which doesn't care about students. Yes, he shares tips and tricks but it mostly did for a sake to sell his course.

Moreover, when a person saying that you should think about a value you bringing with Shopify to not become another affiliate guy (in a bad way), you just want to say "Are you serious? You sell cheap consumer products from Aliexpress and tell everyone about the value? What value? You are here to just make money on re-selling, everything is simple!". "Ben, affiliate experts, for example, Amazon, bring much more value to people that you do with Shopify."

Eventually, after speaking to a few guys which were disappointed in Ben's course too, I wrote a letter to Ben telling him that he must be more organized and at least refund if he can't deliver what he promised. And what was the answer? Right! He again pretended that he is delivering and even over-delivering and just completely ignoring my question about a refund.

Here is the list of topics Ben covered in eCom Blueprint Bootcamp:

Week #1
  • Session #1 - Opening a store and configuring settings
  • Optimo Shopify Theme
  • Bonus Workshop #1 - Christmas Kickstart
  • Session #2 - Niche & Product Research
  • Q&A Week #1
  • Configuring Google Shopping App
Week #2
  • Session #3 - Audience Research
  • Session #4 - Product Upload & Ad Set up
  • Q&A Week #2
Week #3
  • Session #5 - Ad Analyzation & Initial Scale
  • Q&A Week #3
Week #4
  • Session #6 - Retargeting & 10x Scaling Techniques
  • Q&A Week #4
Week #5
  • Session #7 - Free + Shipping to Upsell
  • Q&A Week #5
Week #6
  • Session #8 - Email Marketing
  • $50,000 Product Case Study
  • Q&A Week #6
Week #7
  • Session #9 - Google Analytics

You probably want to ask "Hey, where is the Week 8 as he promised?". Yes, the course supposed to end before December 31 but thanks to Ben's "organizational" skills we still waiting for a few last sessions. The last message from Ben was on January 10 where he postponed the session again.

This is a Never Ending Story... Do you remember this movie? If not watch this trailer.

By the way, Ben started to sell the same course for $297 now explaining that it does not have any bonus sessions, no case studies, no group support and it's not relevant... Seriously?


Here is the full screen shot of this course page.

You can watch the 90 min webinar where he explains almost everything what he teaches in his course for $997.

At the end of December 2016, Ben started promising everyone the Facebook Ads course that will answer all questions and will cover everything. Do you believe that now?

What I said above is completely my personal opinion on this course and I just want to warn you against this kind of a-la gurus, especially young without a college degree, claiming they can teach you everything you need and not providing any evidence.


After Ben Malol's course my eyes caught Chris Record, he became a very active promoting his viral videos course.

Chris Record and associates created Tecademics offering to become one of 60,000 PLUS members. Chris is a very good speaker and can sell you almost everything and force you to join his program. But when you take a closer look you will see just another MLM system based on affiliates commissions, regular meetings and brainwashing, like MOBE which I wrote about not so a while ago.

When I started to dig deeper into Chris profile and listen to his videos I have heard the thing that turned me away from Tecademics. Chris said that he made his first money on Teespring selling a hoodie with some sports design and then... he started teaching Facebook Advertising and Shopify ?!! And made his first $4,000,000. YES, you heard it right, 4 million on teaching, not selling. Actually, he teaches absolute basics which can be found anywhere but people are too lazy even to do that and ready to pay money...

From what I see now Tecademics became a pure MLM system with live events and boot camps in the US. You can take a look at their TEC Week. Truth to say Chris does a phenomenal job getting the most of Shopify trend, inviting the best of the best to speak during his events. It's cool, it's fun, but only when you are young and want to catch up with like-minded youngsters.

In January he presented new Tecademics Headquarters, 25,000 sf office in North Scottsdale. And of cause, he announced that he is launching a 100+ video course for Beginners to start making money online from home using Shopify. So things going well. Nice job!

Till Boadella

Till Boadella

I found Till in search results of YouTube and liked his goal of publishing video every day answering readers questions about Shopify. He was selling his own course for $97 but I think he shared a lot of valuable stuff online already so buying his just wasn't make any sense. You can also order a private coaching for $297 per session but I didn't try it so can't say anything.

Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone

Ezra is one of the leading eCommerce experts in the world and has been working in eCommerce for over a decade. He is the owner and operator of several seven- and eight-figure businesses. He runs Smart Marketer website which currently offers 6 different courses. What I noticed he doesn't give away a lot of tips during his webinars but gives away good tips as a special guest of others training videos.

Jon Mac

Jon Mac

Entrepreneur and a coach from Canada who made over $4,000,000 on Shopify. YES, it's 4M! He pitches people with his own courses and the latest free webinar was "How I Generated $4.3M Revenue In Just 6 months...". It is always a pleasure to listen to him as he hasn't got this sales notes in his voice like Dan Dasilva, so I recommend to subscribe to his free training webinars.

He sells his two courses for $1,997 - The Goldmine Method and The Flex Method. For $6,000 you can get an access to 2-Day The Millionaire Challenge Live course.

William Stark

William Stark

Must say I like his way of talking and especially his bedtime stories. His Facebook group has a strong community. Maybe it's because we were born in March with 2 years difference, so I can feel this guy and his approach.

He has his own online review management tool GradeThis which makes incredibly easy for customers to leave reviews.

Justin Cener

Justin Cener

Justin is "Justin Bieber of Facebook" but with much more bigger muscles and smile. He actively promotes two of his courses - Print on Demand and Dropshipping. Peter Chan Jr. is his student and they make perfect coaches to go with. I seriously thinking to jump on board of Justin's boot camp.

Justin runs a very active Shopify Mastermind group on Facebook with 12,000 members.

Before 2017 he was selling his course for $497 but now he is changing his approach so let's wait what will happen. Maybe you still have a chance to join his T-Shirt Bootcamp while it's not too late.

jake wilson

Jake Wilson

Jake is from Wyoming and was the latest guy (so far) I found on Youtube. He started publishing videos named "100K Challenge" on how to start your store from scratch and make it profitable, you can watch them here. I only hope he wouldn't stop somewhere in the middle.

shopify store

How to save on your first Shopify store

Shopify is a great platform and it will take you just a few minutes and absolutely no frustration before you get it right. This platform changed with the time and it's like iPhone when you take it in your hands and start using it for the first time it is absolutely intuitive and understandable. This is not Windows or Android-based phone which can be a pain in one place.

Shopify writers have a blog post The Essential Shopify Store Launch Checklist but you barely need it.

Shopify gives you 14-day free trial during which you can set it up and add products after you need to select one of the plans and usually people go with the basic one for $29 per month. But even here I can help you to save the money and get 60-day free trial instead of 14.

There are Shopify experts out there with discount coupon codes and you can use them without any obligation, you just need to know where to find them. But don't worry I have done it for you already, here they are:

[signinlocker id="462"]


Of cause all these experts work as affiliates and will get their percentage but who cares when you can save $29 or even $58 at the beginning of your journey. I sure there is much more offers out there but it's up to you if you want to find them.

And remember, Shopify will show you 14-day free trial during registration but when you will take a look at your dashboard you will see 60 days.

Facebook Ads

Why it is hard to get sales to the next level?

If you already started playing with Shopify system and see guys showing huge profit screen shots on Facebook groups, you eventually come up with the question "How can I get to this level?". And the answer is "You can, but it will take A LOT of time and A LOT of effort now". Why? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Most of "famous" Shopify experts started in 2013 and later
  • Most of them already have a team behind
  • Most sell branded, exclusive and print-on-demand products
  • Their store pixels data is huge and mature, and they use it on a full speed
  • They have enough budget to test, test and test all day long
  • They are able to test 20-50 products a day with a minimum budget of $5, what comes to $100-$250 a day or $3000-$7500 a month, can you afford it? This money is just for testing and this is minimum!

But there is another side of the gold medal. Experts already tested a lot of products and niches and with some tricks you can find them and see what works and what not. It will save you a lot of time and money on testing in the beginning of your journey.

Tips and tricks

In the beginning of this post, I promised to share every trick I learned during my research. They are all free as I strongly believe it is enough to start and you can switch to paid one since you have enough money coming in.

Shopify inspector

Shopify inspector

A very useful extension for Google Chrome which allows you to spy on Shopify store and see when they have been open, which products have been recently added, what the bestsellers are. But the best thing it allows you to see traffic the store generates. When you click on "Get Traffic Insight" the extension redirects you to Similar Web statistics. The most important metrics are:

  • Global Rank - if it's below 3,000,000 it means store doing very well and you should study it deeper. Usually, profitable stores have rank below 1,000,000.
  • Traffic Sources - If the most traffic goes from Social it means store using Facebook Ads and maybe Instagram influencers, so this is a good sign.

You can download it here.

AliExpress Coupon Finder

AliExpress Coupon Finder

As Shopify is mostly dropshipping model this extension is very useful. AliExpress Coupon Finder allows you to search for available coupons and discounts offered by AliExpress sellers, so you profit more.

Aliexpress Seller Check

Aliexpress Seller Check

This extension allows you to check the seller's rating and feedback score in product page on Aliexpress directly. It has other fuctions, so it is worth to check out.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook Pixel Helper

This extension helps you validate your pixel implementation, to see if your pixels fire on pages so you track all statistics for future scaling of your campaigns. Check it out here.

How to spy on competitors with Google

How to spy on competitors with Google

This is a very simple trick, what you need to do is to use the following query - "niche" "myshopify.com". Google will display all Shopify stores in the niche you are interested in.

What you can do next is to find their bestsellers as this is the most important thing in products research. When you open the store you need to add the following code to the end of URL - collections/all?sort_by=best-selling.

So the URL will be looking like http://xxx.myshopify.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling. This works with simple domains too, in this case, it will be http://domain.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling.

shopify sales

How to spy on successful guys on Facebook

If you already follow Shopify group you see from time to time people sharing screen shots of their stores profit. So this is a very useful when you want to see in which niche they work. This trick works not for everyone but you still can get very good tips on products from it.

So let's start. When next time you will see someone sharing the screen shot, you should click on his name and go to his profile. Then find "More" in the menu and select "Likes", it will show you all person's likes. Scroll down through his likes and find something with clothing, retail, product etc. It shouldn't have a verified sign, as most of Facebook pages are small and no one cares to verify them.

Hover your mouse and if you see something with a small number of likes around 200-10,000 this is worth to look at. Click on it, and usually in About section, you will found the store URL. Click on it and use Shopify inspector to check if it is a Shopify based store.

In this technique, you have to purely rely on your god feeling and a catchy eye. Anyway, when you will be scrolling through likes you will get a little bit of understanding of what this person likes and this could be a sign of his niche.

You probably can ask now "I don't want others to spy on me this way, how can I hide it?" I hear you loud and clear, here is how:

  • Go to your profile
  • Find "More" in the menu
  • Click on "Manage sections"
  • Un-tick which section shouldn't be visible to others

How much did it cost me?

  • $997 on Ben Malol's course
  • $600 on Facebook Ads
  • $29 on Shopify plan
  • $4 on Oberlo
  • $10 on a new domain name dealsdepotstore.com
  • Dozens of hours on Facebook and Youtube
  • A week to collect everything together on this page
  • Few fights with my girlfriend

Final notes

As you can see there is a lot going on in Shopify world and I didn't even touch Facebook Ads and Aliexpress. So go and try it yourself as eCommerce is currently booming and you can make a big bag of money.

What I want to say at the end is don't let them sell you the course you don't need because you can find everything for free, you just need to make a research, watch Youtube videos, read comments and ask questions on Facebook groups. I pointed you to the right direction and you just need to take action.

Have you noticed like everyone moved to the influence marketing and now promote products using Instagram? If not keep your hand on a pulse of trends and always listen to your god feeling.

It took me a week to write this over 5500 words post so please give me a favour - SHARE IT wherever you can and SUBSCRIBE to my list because my next topic will be AMAZON and how people make thousands of $$$ on its affiliate program.

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112 Responses
  1. Nice post. I like your sincere approach and the fact that you did not hold back even when you got screwed on some of your investments. Good to see someone calling it the way it is and not playing the fake “fanboy” just to sell an affiliate course.

    Call me “old school” but when I’m of the generation where we said that “those who can’t do, teach…”

    When I see a 20-somethin y/o hustling their courses on Facebook/webinars/etc, I automatically think to myself “who takes care of their 7-figure store” while they run around teaching their “secrets”?

    Nobody ever talks about the “busy” side of things. Just imagine how many support tickets come in, how many returns are shipped back, how many people call/message to track down their order, and it goes without saying how much time and effort is spent on ads, audiences, etc. You’re talking a real business with multiple elements.

    Ben Malol sold you a course for $997, the same he did to 100 more people. That’s a quick $100k. Isn’t that easier than selling 5000 cheap accessories at $20/ea. Same for all the other clowns who hustle these classes to people who don’t know better.

    The only exception, in my opinion, is Ezra Firestone. He shares so much valuable information and shows exact examples from his personal brands. He doesn’t hide anything, shows live figures (never screenshots) and always over-deliver (I was in his latest ad course). His stuff is higher level, no fluff and is for those wanting to build a real sustainable business rather than launch seasonal stores that are gone as soon as the wind changes.

    With all that being said, and with all your trials and tribulations, I’d love to know where you are in terms of your stores? Have you been successful?

    1. Hi JD, Ezra is a nice guy and successful businessman but I think his courses are more advanced oriented. If someone is looking to start with Shopify I will better recommend Travis or Justin, they are very good. Regarding my success I still work on it, I more focus on Amazon now but keep my hand on a pulse of all Shopify stuff. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the long and thoughtful post, really helped me to get the right sources and get things ordered of how I want to start.

    Btw I don’t know if you still can get your money back from the Ben course, but the theme he is offering “Optimo..” is basically ripped off. It’s the “Proven Profitable Theme” by Ezra Firestone, which he offers in his “one stop shop” course.

    1. Hi Marius, no worries, just shared what I know. I suspected that theme was ripped off so thank you for proving that. Unfortunately, Ben “failed this city” with his course and pretending he doesn’t want to run the business in the right way, but moreover doesn’t hear what people saying how he is unreliable…

  3. So how much money did you end up making? Title of the post suggests $. And are you still doing shopify? How is the progression? Can you keep us updated please.

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by. The post was created with a purpose to uncover most of all Shopify tricks, courses and groups. I don’t like bragging with my results, especially because it’s a personal thing and a matter of security of your finances. Thanks.

  4. Awesome post Roman, the community needs more transparent posts like these. The only thing I really didn’t agree with is Ezra Firestone, and Ben Malol. Ezra is totally open with everything he does, and I have learned a ton from him, and Ben Malol is literally bombarding with free content, something I RARLEY see. I’ve honestly never seen someone so openly share what he shares entirely for free, and probably most of what I know is thanks to him.
    I have 2 friends that are in his program, I don’t know which one, I think its what you mentioned (they payed $997), and are seeing really good results. Both making over $1k a day…
    The way you put it though, it doesn’t really seem like him… It does seem that he is offering another 2 sessions as well? If he didn’t care I think he would’ve just finished it after the 10th session (after all, thats what he promised when you purchased it, right?)
    Thats just my opinion though, you’re the one that went through it lol
    By the way, Matt Schmitt is another guy I’ve been following, and I’m in his group “Physical Product System Advanced” a ton of value!

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by.

      I’m glad you liked it as I tried to make it as transparent as possible, I have nothing to hide.

      You know the success really depends on you and not the guy who giving you the course. What I said about Ben is my personal opinion and some guys from the same course are agree and they make the money too, even $1M. I just saying that this guy is unreliable and can’t run the course professional and this all effects on everything what he does.

      Regarding the free info what he is sharing I wouldn’t trust it 100% as he shared some stuff but when I asked him about that he replied it was done on one purpose (reading between the lines – to sell people the course), so it’s totally up to you. This is the meaning from inside the course and this is what usually people don’t like to talk about but I don’t care because I so long in this, so nothing to hide. He already run out of material after one month so 10th session wouldn’t save it.

      Regarding Ezra, my intuition tells me he is a good guy and he is more for advanced businesses and not focused on newbies, can’t say anything bad about him.

      Never heard about Matt Schmitt, should do my research on him.


  5. This is very rich. Ecommerce is not different from any other business. The information you provided here free of charge can be packaged and sold as ebook and people will gladly buy it. I stumbled on this website on valentine day and I am loving. Thanks for sharing. The tips and tricks are just super.

  6. Never been sold
    By any of them, but I was too close to. Thank god I saw this before I jump.
    Thank you for sharing & keep it up. Really liked it.
    What about tedwholesale & zerouplap ? Any ideas ?

  7. What do you think about shoppehero by Mohamed Ali Aguel? In his webinar he gave what looked like some good info but he offers a mentoring course about $1,500, but supposedly he says price will go up soon.

  8. Does any have any information or recommendation on the 100k Factory Revolution course or it’s creators Adian Booth and SteveClayton?

    1. Hi Kenji, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Never heard about this guys and will take a look. Thanks for heads up! Seems like 100K and 90Days are the magic numbers…

    2. Dear God, stay away from Adam Booth. It’s just some kid living with his parents telling you everything you can find for free on YouTube and other channels. I signed up for his Udemy course and, besides everything being rather basic for anyone who’s spent more than a week looking into this, he is completely disorganized, stalls, and has a maddening, MADDENING sound every single time he begins a new sentence, as if he’s smacking saliva against the top of his mouth. In the very first video on that Udemy course, where he goes through niche selection, he basically clicks around random on AliExpress and actually apologizes for “not explaining it very clearly but this is how I work.” The worst part of it all, probably, is that you are sucked in to the world of a very, very, very boring and lethargic person.

      1. Hi Joe, thanks for heads up. Haven’t heard about Adam Booth but that’s normal situation that someone will be trying to take a piece of a pie if there is a chance.

    3. Stay away from the content arbitrage business that the 100k Factory is pitching. I have been in this business for over a year and have made $500k from it. It is now a dead business model. The big sites: Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent are all protecting their own territory now. The cost of traffic have risen dramatically. Content arbitrage is only possible through Facebook traffic on with video sites if you want to remain in the game long term. Sliders are very difficult now. This is the reason I am spending my time on Shopify arbitrage now.

  9. Totally agree on Ben Malol being overhyped we bought his recent new course and after going through its things thats already taught elsewhere. And being a GURU I can’t believe he is promoting a scammer Abdullah Osama who claims to be a 9 figure eCommerce expert, unless he is also part of the scam. Gurus nowadays should do proper due diligence when endorsing someone or else they will get their name dragged down as well. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, they are all in the same boat and promoting each other to just to make more money and not bring the value. It is always happening with things in trend. That’s why I wrote this posts to let people be aware of what is going on around. It’s good that Abdullah Osama is not so well known…

  10. Hey Roman, can you post a follow-up to this post. Keep us updated on your process so far in the ecom game

    1. Hi Joel, I am working on the Amazon article now, so if you are asking about Shopify post update it will be done a little bit later. Thanks.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by. Let me take a look at what he is offering, but as it’s a pure Facebook Ads course I can cover it in another article a little bit later. Moreover I am going to cover Instagram courses too, so stay tuned. Thanks for heads up!

  11. Hi Roman, thanks very much for the in depth analysis of the Shopify landscape. I am actually an Amazon PL seller and thought I would look into this Shopify thing in conjunction. I am quite impressed with Justin Cener’s facebook community and would be interested in one of the courses. I’m a believer in moving fast.
    As your also an Amazon guy, how did you find the workload going between the two? Also if you had to choose, do you think POD or dropshipping is a better model?
    I know you don’t like to discuss your profits etc but I’m just looking to make an additional 3K p/m profit as a side gig to my Amazon business. Would you say this is easily achievable?

    Thanks again for the content, Stephen

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for reading this post. Actually, when I started exploring Shopify I stopped working on Amazon sites and focused on ecommerce. Personally, I think Amazon is a more reliable model if do things right. You can try Shopify but it requires a lot of time and effort, but mostly money to invest for testing, what you don’t need when building the Amazon site. If I understand you right you are in FBA not affiliate marketing, so for you probably it will be easier but it is still the different model. Regarding POD, I definitely prefer it over dropshipping as it is a very easy model to have, as you don’t need to handle the stock and shipping, just check it from time to time and keep working on new designs. If you are after course, I recommend you to go with Justin for sure as his course is very well structured and you will learn a lot from him. Is it achievable? I can’t say YES as it depends on your time and desire, but give it a shot and let me know how you doing. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for your reply Roman, much appreciated. I’m leaning toward POD more because, as you say, there’s no fulfillment or handling of stock. This would be the easier option when also running Amazon. Did you actually go through Justin’s course and how has POD worked out for you? I’m assuming it still take a large investment to test? I’m not opposed to spending money by any means as I am all about the end game. BTW Justin’s t-shirt bootcamp is now $997. Wish I had gotten there earlier. Cheers

  12. Excellent post. I have subscribed to your blog. Really glad I came across this page. I had googled a review for shopify inspector and this post has given me so much more information than anticipated so thanks again.

    Got a question regarding the best selling hack to see what stores items are selling. How accurate is this? Reason I ask is I tried it on a shopify store which had the option to sort items by best selling, alphabetically etc. When I did the URL hack and when I selected the sort by best selling tab on website the results were conflicting. Which one would be most accurate in your opinion as this could be a really handy and effective tool.

    Thanks for you input and again for the great article!

      1. Yeah that’s the one. Some stores, as I’m sure you know, give you the option of sorting products by best selling without doing the URL trick. Out of interest I did both and they offered up different results. Was wondering how accurate you reckoned each of them are as having that information could prove really prosperous for my store.


        1. You know, most experts recommend to use a tag as it’s more accurate, as it takes the data from the database. Best sellers categories on the site can be manageable by owners to force you to buy the product they want.

          1. Yeah I was thinking that the URL would be more accurate as I guessed the seller would have some form of control over the categories.

            Thanks for the input! Have already picked up a good few tips which I did not realize were out there!

          2. No worries, glad you picked up something from this post. Can I please ask you to share it, to give it some buzz. Thanks a lot!

  13. Hi thanks for great articles

    Have you heard Andrian Morrison from eCom Success Academy? What do you think about his course?

  14. Hey Roman,

    Are there any themes out there that you recommend? I like the One Stop Shop but I don’t think I am ready to pay $99.00 in perpetuity.

    1. Hi Alex, I recommend to go with a default and free themes as there is no point to invest into something that doesn’t matter in the beginning. Thanks.

  15. This is one of the best tutorials on shopify that I have seen. It’s nice to hear unbiased opinions on all the training out there. For those just getting start this is a great starting point.

    Curious though, if you were to purchase one course which one would you recommend?

    1. Hi Nathan, thanks for kind words, that was the purpose of this post, to provide people with enough information to start in Shopify. I purchased Ben Malol’s course but wouldn’t recommend it and not because of Ben personality, but because it wouldn’t suit the newbie. I recommend to go with Justin Cener, he has the most structured and easy to understand course. Otherwise just join Facebook groups and ask questions, people will help.

  16. Hi Roman,
    Thanks a lot for this great post. I just subscribed to your blog and really looking forward to (hopefully) your next blog posts about your experiences with FB (and IG) advertising and AliExpress 🙂 Keep up the good work! Thanks

    1. Hi Sander, thanks for kind words. I mostly focus on Amazon now so FB and IG are not in my interest. But anyway, thanks for stopping by.

  17. Great article.

    One quibble… you list Dan Dasilva, but if you look at his videos from about 8 or 9 months ago, he must have been living at his parents home. In several, it is clearly a basement he is occupying. In a few others, he is in a kitchen that clearly looks like his mother had decorated. Like, what 20+ year old is going to decorate like that?

    Since then, he’s been in nicer surroundings and bought an expensive car. So, yes, he’s been earning some money and likely saved up while living rent (and most other expenses?) free.

    His later vids have something interesting to contribute, but there is more to absorb from others in your list.

    1. Hi Will, agree, Dan started small but now he is well promoted. Mostly known as a “guy with i8”. He has something interesting but mostly his videos are too sales pitchy so I prefer others.

  18. Hi Roman, Comprehensive post. This market is frantic and crowded. It seems like there are so many people making money telling people how to make money carving up the same pie. You aren’t but that’s what your post is about. Very honest and the right route for a short term play. The original products and designs seem a little tougher in the short term, but still seems the right direction for a long term brand build. It also seems that commenting on relevant posts / forums / news, adding products and maybe producthunt.com are slow but the right route. Thanks for taking the time. Cheers, Andrew

  19. Hi Roman,

    Really appreciate your effort in putting together this post. Thats the ugly side of the current ecom coaching business. I myself had been scammed and am really hurt by the fact that when a genuine person simply wanted to find a solution to escape from a financial struggle and provide for family, guys just takes advantage. I came across Justin Cener’s T-shirt bootcamp webinar and am interested in starting a t-shirt business, and its 997 now, my confidence is low, but seemingly Justin seems legit. I am still deciding… man its hard because its a huge investment for me

    1. Hi Alex, yes $997 is too much for the course but if you are serious it is well worth it. Contact Justin personally and ask maybe he can give you a discount. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. hello
    Great content,love your post. You mentioned a 60 days trial link for Shopify but I can’t find it . Is there a way I could see it?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Deni, thanks, you can find it covered by locked block, you just need to fill in your email to uncover it.

    1. Hi Dan, thanks for stopping by. Glad you found something interesting useful here and it saved you time and money.

  21. Hi, I have done a lot of research on dropshipping. And I am getting the hang of things but my concern is money into Facebook ads… will $20 a day in FB ads do any justice for you store with the right conversions ?

    1. Hi Briona, nice to hear from you. What I can recommend is to start with $5 a day and see how ad is performing. Stop it after 2 days if there are no clicks and sales. You can increase the budget only if you have sales.

  22. Hi, Roman.Im sorry this might sound absolutely stupid but im asking this anyway.If y oure just using Oberlo to add the item… how do you deal with the fact that the shipper still sends the paperwork in the package that has the original price on it?

    1. Hi Enno, you should mention in Oberlo notes to a seller that he shouldn’t put in any invoices but there is a human factor so just accept and keep selling. As long as your buyer enjoys his purchased everything is fine and only small % will be emailing you about the price.

  23. Hi thanks for the great post! Because I already have a store selling a niche products but is not converting well. Which mentor should I follow? Because different mentors suit different people

    1. Hi Richard, there are no mentors but you can find a good specialist who made money and share some tips. I can recommend to watch Justin Cener and Peter videos, these guys are good but I can’t recommend you to buy their courses as I don’t know what’s inside.

      1. Hi Roman,
        Great to see a truthful analysis of the ecom landscape.
        I will recommend Justin Cener and the reason is simple (though I have not saved up enough to pay for POD course) – Justin genuinely cares about his guys, but don’t believe me, believe the over 300 testimonials of everyday people he had trained killing it online daily.
        6 of the “gurus” I interact with before meeting Justin even posted testimonials (in FB chats about their results from his training). I was shocked.
        But what won me over was his humility. When i asked Justin about the “gurus”, he just made light of the fact that he trained them you know – no biggie.
        I’ll try the 60-day link though. Hope it still works. cheers

  24. Thanks so much for featuring me on this list! Really appreciate it and I welcome everyone to come join my free group and ask questions about this awesome business!

    Roman – let’s connect!

    1. Hey Justin, nice to hear from you. It’s my pleasure to recommend you as a Shopify expert. We already connected on Facebook, I am the member of your group. Keep up a good work and let’s stay in touch. Thanks.

      1. I’d like to give you a review copy of my T-Shirt Bootcamp Program so you can see for yourself the quality of content and support inside 🙂 Message me on Facebook.

  25. Hi,

    I probably made a mistake buy register shopify store and still struggling with it at least one week.
    I looked several videos and tutorials from Adrian Morrison, Dan Dasilva, Chris Records, Chan and Mike Vittel.
    I would like to ask, who are the best from those guys and does Adriam Morrison course worse it to invest?

    Is it possible to shut down a shopify store and start from scratch?

    1. Hi Larus,

      Thanks for stopping by. First of all, sure you can close your store and start another one using coupons I have in this article.

      Regarding guys, I can recommend to watch Dans and Chris videos on YouTube as this is enough. Not sure about Adrian, Chan doesn’t teach as he focused on his business. I can recommend to start watching Justin Cener videos and asking questions in the group. And only if you don’t have enough info you can consider to buy his course. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks.

  26. Has anyone received feedback about Till Boadella’s Advanced Dropshipping Course 2.0? I saw him promoting this course as a limited-time only enrolment but the one-time cost is more than you quoted above, it’s running at $697 USD now. The Youtube videos are simple to understand for a newbie but I’m not sure if it would be worth it to pay for his course. Thoughts??

    1. Hi Piña,

      Thanks for stopping by, I know Till but truth to say can’t tell anything about his course.

  27. Hey Roman,

    If you had to recommend one course to get sales for dropshipping, which one would you recommend? I’ve got Justin’s course and it’s pretty good so far. Any other recommendations besides that?

  28. Hey! Thanks for the insights! ‘Twas an interesting read.
    I had a question about one of Dan’s recent courses – Social Marketing Mastery (smmopen.com).

    I am thinking of buying it and I though maybe you had any experience with it?

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Ignas, I don’t think Dan’s courses worth it, he is a good marketer but not so good in bringing value.

  29. HI Roman, Thanks so much! Been watching Justin’s free stuff and joined his group. Did you make any money with Shopify?
    Do you think Justin’s course is necessary to get started, or can I really get all the info doing the research and re-reading your very informative blog post!

    1. Hi Natalie, yes Justin course is very useful and you need it to start with Shopify. Thank you for kind words.

  30. I really like your posts. Honest and sincere. I hope you end up being successful and forming your own coaching program, because you are no-nonsense and credible.

  31. Jon Mac sucked me into to purchasing his $99.00 – “Pro JM Special” by offering “Product Launch Method” training valued at what he said was worth $1900.00USD. When going through the training it’s clear to see that information is left out in order to find product & implement anything into a store. There is pricing variation on products he recommends where based on his training; a product selling from $28 I’d have to try to sell for $69 which doesn’t make sense. Also there are no details on how to deal with sellers on Ali meaning they are stating: “We only ship to confirmed order addresses. Your order address MUST MATCH your Shipping address.” So I can’t dropship? There are too many details left out which requires me to purchase his $6000.00 product in order to figure this whole thing out. This had a 30 day full refund guarantee for this package and so once I realized I needed to purchase the $6k training I tried to cancel. I signed up Sept 24, 2017 and tried to cancel Oct 10, 2017 which was a couple days past two weeks of the purchase date. Had I been able to figure this out and list products in a store I would have been fine but as soon as I had questions and reached out to support I was instructed to apply for coaching. ($6K). Jon Mac support said no refund after promoting a 30 day full refund. He scammed me out of $100 knowing I would need to purchase his $6k training. He should be ashamed ripping people off like this.

    1. Hi Paul, sorry to hear that but these guys made a fortune on many people and keep ripping them off. Hope you will find the right product and a business model. Let me know if you need any advice.

  32. Hey Roman,

    Can you give me a link for Justin’s course? My story is same as you watched tons of youtube videos and now I am overwhelmed with information. My main confusion is about facebook ads.

    As you also ran Facebook ads I thought it would be great to ask you.
    Jon mac suggests in his store formula 2 and las vegas replay that runs Facebook ads with purchase objective and till & devin zander suggests run facebook ads with view content first then move to ATC as soon as you get 100 VC within a week and then move to purchase as soon as you have 100 ATC within week.

    What would you recommend based on your experience?

    Anyways thank you so much for this legendary article you are awesome.

    Hemendra Purohit

    1. Hi Hemendra, I can’t give you any links, sorry, you have to purchase the course from Justin. I recommend to keep up doing hard work and research, try different things and you will find the one that works for you. Let me know if you need more advice.

    1. Hi, thank you for the kind words. Never heard about Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly, but suppose another mate is trying to create a course, will try to find more info.

  33. Roman. Thanks for taking the time to pass this succinct information on without any apparent agenda.
    In this land of make believe and petty thieves, you are a breath of fresh air. I hope you can see your way clear to keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, sorry, was going to do that but too busy. Watched it and in short must say it’s the best and straight forward steps if you starting in drop shipping or POD business.

  34. Hi,

    Excellent and honest article. Gonna start following you and recommend this article to my group of local e-comm friends who are just starting out like me.

    One question though, everyone seems to be talking about video marketing on fb as the most direct form of traffic. Do you have any insights on how to quickly create product videos? Stealing videos seems like a quick way to have my facebook ad account banned.


    1. Hi Alvin, thank you for kind words. Never tried FB videos but it’s the future so makes sense. Everything authentic attracts more and even search engines like it, so give it a go.

  35. Great article. I just finished reading it. I’m just getting started in this business and as you know and talk about in your post, there are so many “gurus” out there just trying to grab everybody’s $$. I’ve got lilttle to spare and give away to some charlatan right now. When you don’t know what you don’t know it’s very hard to know who’s legit and who’s a scammer and where my initial money is best invested.

    I just decently ran across Fred Lam, Kevin David and Jon Mac and I’m trying to figure out which one is the real deal and my best investment, that is until you just said don’t necessarily jump in and buy a course, most of the information is available for free all over the interent.

    I just listened to Fred Lam’s 2 hour webinar last night for the second time and on the surface it looks like a great system to automate most of the process. Am I delusional, naive or just ignorant to think that this is possible or is it just what he say’s it is? I did find a Youtube video with Dan Dasilva & Fred Lam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oCfQTW4JXE. If Fred is associating himself with Dan, should that make me feel any better about his 1,497 Zero-up system?

    Anyway, I am looking to get started and I don’t want to start off with the wrong mentor and deep in the financial hole from the get go. I’m looking forward to your response. Thanks, Peter

    1. Hi Peter, thank you for kind words. Jon Mac, Fred Lam and Dan Dasilva are very good marketers and speakers so be aware. I’ve been on your side and saw them too. I haven’t heard that someone purchased Fred’s or Jon’s courses but many joined Dans one. I been there and must say nothing special inside. Cants say anything about his new updates maybe something has changed. Let me know if I can help anyhow.

  36. AMAZING POST! Thanks for taking so much of your precious time to make it such a VALUE BOMB for all of us here! I’m taking action RIGHT NOW! Sending you much love from Barcelona.

    1. Hi Richard, thank you for kind words. Yes I’m working in Amazon Affiliate model now. What about you? Love Barcelona, been there once but a long ago, should visit again soon.

  37. Hi,
    I have 11 1/2 hrs. left to decide on whether or not to buy Jon Mac’s CommerceHQ Bootcamp.

    It’s “free” but I have to sign up for his “6 Store Plan for $99/mo (Regular $299/mo)”. What should I do? Is is worth it?

    ANYONE have any relevant info on Jon Mac?

    Thanks in advance! I don’t want to waste $100, but nor do I want to miss this opportunity.

    It is also probably the only time in my life I’ll even have the time to start an e-commerce business because in 18 weeks we’ll have our first baby 🙂

    1. Hi Daniel, Jon Mac is pretty well known in online marketing but he is from the group which sells more then do, so I wouldn’t recommend to buy anything.

      In what area are you going to open ecom store? Is it Shopify or Amazon?

      1. I’m using Shopify right now. It got too late and i had to make a decision, so I got the offer. Let’s see how it works. Trying it for this month.

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